The world of Oz - World of Oz (1968)

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The World of Oz LP was released on schedule and disappeared without creating a ripple on the charts, on either side of the Atlantic. The album cover was a very strange one — it featured visual representations of the last lineup of the group, which was understandable but also strange, as they were hardly heard on the record inside. The cover design was an especially ornate affair, utilizing characters from L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz universe, which, according to Kubinec, also included representations of their manager, and even annotator Jonathan King, while the back cover had images of Bickerton and arranger Mike Vickers. As a psychedelic artifact, musical and visual, that LP and the cover were serious collectors' items for many years.
1 Muffin Man
2 Bring the Ring
3 Jackie
4 Beside the Fire
5 Hum-Gum Tree with a Little Help
6 We've All Seen the Queen
7 King Croesus
8 Mandy-Ann
9 Jack
10 Like a Tear
11 Willow's Harp

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