Jane Birkin - Di Doo Dah (1973)

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The heavy-breathing vocalist on one of the most infamous chart-toppers in British history, Jane Birkin enjoyed a long film and recording career. Born in London in 1946, she followed in her mother's footsteps and began acting at the Kensington Academy in London. While still a teenager, she made her stage debut in Graham Greene's 1964 production Carving a Statue. One year later, she was offered a part in Passion Flower Hotel, a musical produced by James Bond series composer John Barry, and she married him soon after. Birkin's first film, The Knack...And How to Get It, followed in 1965, while a brief nude role in 1966's controversial Blow-Up made her semi-famous.
1. Di Doo Dah - Jane Birkin, Gainsbourg, Serge
2. Help Camionneur! - Jane Birkin,
3. Encore Lui - Jane Birkin,
4. Puisque Je Te le Dis - Jane Birkin,
5. Les Capotes Anglaises - Jane Birkin, Gainsbourg, S.
6. Leur Plaisir Sans Moi - Jane Birkin, Gainsbourg, Serge
7. Mon Amour Baiser - Jane Birkin, Gainsbourg, Serge
8. Banana Boat - Jane Birkin,
9. Kawasaki - Jane Birkin,
10. La Cible Qui Bouge - Jane Birkin,
11. La Baigneuse de Brighton - Jane Birkin,
12. C'Est la Vie Qui Veut Ça - Jane Birkin, Gainsbourg, Serge

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