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Wink emote: ;) or ;-)

Happy eyes: ^_^

Laughing eyes: >:o

Cat smile: :3

Grumpy: >:-(

Sad: :( or :-(

Crying emote: :’(

Shocked emote: :o or :-o

Glasses emote: 8) or 8-)

Cool shades: 8-|

Rude: :p or :-p

Woot?!: O.o

Dork emote: -_-

Duhhh emote: :/ or :\

Devil emote: 3:)

Angel emote: O:)

Kiss emote: :-* or :*

Love emote: <3

Pacman: :v

Robot: :| ]

Weird guy’s face: :putnam:

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Some Easy Hairstyle For Girls

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These some easy hairstyles for girls not only are easy to style, but they also take very less time to style. Let us talk about some easy hairstyles for girls with long hair, medium hair, and short hair.

Hairstyles for short hair

The main advantage of having short hair is that you can comb your hair in a way that will give you a brand and a haircut, you can call in a punk. Chin level bob haircut, well, less time, without compromising the style factor. This has always been subject to deduction of a very cool company. This is a classic bob cut on the chin, which also has tassels that reach the eyes. Other good and easy hairstyles for girls with short hair is divided on one side and tapered neck hair. In this hairstyle, short hair and the hair of the beard and hair on the back and the neck is tapered to get rid of the volume. There are some short bursts going to the eyebrows, which require attention to facial features.

Hairstyles for medium hair

Asymmetrical bob haircut is probably the best for women of middle and hair. This deduction can be used to look for work, or even an emo look with the idea of ​​hair color. Ga fashion styling, hair is left on each side to the middle of a long neck, while the hair on the other hand, the short game. Comments and cutting hair on the shoulder is very easy to style and maintain. In this hairstyle, hair waving over their shoulders at the ends of the shoulder line, but no interaction. If your hair is medium sized bun also look good, but takes longer as simple.

Hairstyles for long hair

Long hair is not easy to do and manage, but there are some you can style in a much shorter time. There is megan fox for example, if you have straight hair and long thin hands, best hairstyle, which can be a lot of straight hair. This style is long hair remains slightly below the shoulders, and his hair is relaxed. The explosions will not occur until the eyebrows. Long hair that frames her face is another good haircut. It is a hair that is long enough so that the shoulder and neck few hairs hanging from the wall, while the rest is lost. There are a side edge of the scan both sides of the face.

Quick and easy hairstyle ideas

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Today, women are looking for something quick and easy hairstyles because they want to save time, hair style. This is especially true of women who work in offices and corporate responsibility. Adolescent girls are more like hair style and ideas, is less time to do your hair. All this for all hair types and style, there are many different hairstyles quickly and easily. The main advantage is that the hair is very easy to do and less time without compromising style factors.

Quick and easy hairstyles for long hair

If you have long hair, straight and beautiful, better, easier and less time for your hair straightened hair completely fell apart. Sport can look with or without border or directly to the page with him. You can also use the queue in bulk if you want to keep relaxed hair. The braids of hair on the face will surely come. Another good alternative to a quick and easy hairstyle for long hair to use one or two ponytails. If you want to make a ponytail, but accessories such as headbands and elastic. Most women with long hair and straight hair will be more relaxed, because it requires less style.

Quick and easy hairstyles for curly hair

If you have long curly hair, the ponytail is just one of the fastest and easiest hairstyles for curly hair. If you have medium length curly hair, curly hair is a good cut is the bob. You will need to use a curling iron and hair gel for the show. If you work for a hairstyle that suits the woman who is a "half-half down" hair styles. In this section, just have a certain amount of hair on the top and rear clips and hair accessories. Let your hair down, to rest in a relaxed manner. Whatever cut you choose to wear curly hair, just make sure that the cycle is relatively manageable.

Quick and easy hairstyles for medium length hair

Even if your hair is medium length, with the appropriate style for your hair style may seem that much or less. The best hairstyles for medium hair are those which can be designed to be relaxed, so for configuration changes or pendants. Deduction bob hairstyle quick and easy changes of medium length. Bob Chin level will also be a good alternative. In this hairstyle, the hair is relaxed and mouth bangs associated with the eyebrows. This is an ideal choice for the look of business. Consideration may also be asymmetrical bob haircut like that, where the hair is left on each side a little more from the other side. It was not long in her hair this way.

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Funny Pictures 
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