The Leathercoated Minds - A trip down the sunset strip (1967)

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Actually, the bandname is spelled wrong; in fact it's "The Leather-Coated Minds" and this happens to be the mythical first album produced and recorded by J.J.Cale in 1967. It was done in the middle of the whole "Flower-Power" Thing and it certainly sounds like it. It's a concept album with noises that seem to be taken off the streets of L.A., it contains covers from the Byrds,
Donovan and the first four J.J.Cale compositions that were ever recorded (four instrumentals, actually). It was after hearing this album (and the obscure single "After Midnight", which is not on the album), that Eric Clapton decided to make his version of it. It became an international hit and finally allowed J.J.Cale to get a real record contract under his own name at Shelter Records, where he released "Naturally" in 1972
01 Eight Miles High
02 Sunset and Clark
03 Psychotic Reaction
04 Over Under Sideways Down
05 Sunshine Superman
06 Non-Stop
07 Arriba
08 Kicks
09 Mr. Tambourine Man
10 Puff (The Magic Dragon)
11 Along Comes Mary
12 Pot Luck

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