Bulldog Breed - Made in England (1969)

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"BULLDOG BREED - Today, London is over-flowing with pop groups. hey arrive with guitars, long hair and tight pants from all parts of the globe...all chasing that elusive "hit" record. Bulldog Breed are very representative of today's imaginative young groups. They look upon their guitars as their best friend and spend hours working out their own compositions.

What they have which many other groups lack, is the ability to compose a variety of contrasting material -ranging from obvious pop and blues, to ballads and jazz. All to be found on this exciting first album.

i watched Bulldog Breed at work for two weeks compiling this LP in a London studio, and I was impressed with their enthusiasm, their tremendous talent, and the results. But Listen to the album...it speaks for itself! ~ DAVID WIGG (Daily Express)"

Bulldog Breed released on 45 rpm single on Deram records and one LP "Made In England" for Decca's "Deram Nova" imprint, which is a masterpeice of terse, heavy guitar oriented blues rock psychedelia with some particularly dark and occult elements, "Shebas' Broomstick Ride" "Austin Ossmanspare" (the occultist and painter), some ideas about cryogenics and laser transplant surgery "Reborn" mixed with some harder pop-psych style numbers. Members had previously played in THE FLIES, PLEASE, NEON PEARL, GUN and later in T2.
01. Paper Man - 3.20
02. Broomstick Ride - 2.22
03. I Flew - 2.49
04. Eileen´s Haberdashery Store - 2.51
05. Folder Men - 2.38
06. Dougal - 2.31
07. When The Sun Stands Still - 2.57
08. Reborn - 2.36
09. Friday Hill - 3.14
10. Silver - 2.11
11. You - 2.38
12. Top Of The Pops Cock - 2.13
13. Revenge - 2.22
14. Austin Osmanspare - 3.13

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