Dzyan - Dzyan (1972)

Posted by Amelia Swhizzagers On 3:48 AM

Are you into judging books, or in this case CDs/lps, by the cover? If you were to look at the cover art of this album you would probably guess that you were in for a space rock exploration of epic proportions. This statement is backed up by the opening track 'Emptiness' which begins with an other-worldly collage of electronic sounds. Sadly, the space rock dream is crushed at the 2:23 mark when the vocalist (the Maurice Gibb of Krautrock) kicks in. However, despite the vocals, 'Emptiness' should pack enough of a jazz groove and some stellar bass playing to get your toes and fingers a tappin'. Overall, the sound of the album is straight up jazz-rock (sometimes sounding like a Kraut-Crimson) with a few ethnic touches thrown in, most notably in the percussion. It doesn't really compare to their 'Electric Silence' album, but it is really good given the fact that they had only been together for two months! I have found that this album has the ability to grow on you with repeated listening. Noteworthy tracks include 'Emptiness', 'The Bud Awakes', and 'Back To Earth', which is a pounding instrumental jam based around a single riff.
1. Emptiness 9.43
2. The Bud Awakes 3.01
3. The Wisdom 10.32
4. Fohat's Work 6.36
5. Hymn 1.12
6. Dragonsong 7.33
7. Things We're Looking For 1.56
8. Back To Earth 4.11

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