Dennis Wilson - Pacific Blue (1977)

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Pacific Ocean Blue is Dennis Wilson's only solo album, released in 1977. After several attempts, starting in 1970, to release his own project, some of which made it to the finished album, Wilson recorded the bulk of Pacific Ocean Blue in the months spanning the fall of 1976 to the following spring. Recalling the time Wilson spent working on the album, co-producer Gregg Jakobson said, "This was when he fully accepted himself as an artist. Brian had shown him chords on the piano, but as he'd become more proficient the music that came forth was not derivative of that. Having his own studio helped tremendously. With a little encouragement, and the right tools, Dennis took off."

Wilson became the first member of The Beach Boys to undertake a solo project. Released in August 1977, Pacific Ocean Blue received glowing reviews for its depth and emotion. It also gained praise from his older brother Brian Wilson. The album also performed encouragingly in the U.S. charts peaking at #96 for a 12 week chart stay, and eventually went on to sell almost 300,000 copies It is also notable that Dennis' hard living had begun affecting his looks and more importantly his singing voice, which now delivered grainy and rough, yet still deeply soulful, vocals.Despite Wilson's pledge to record an even superior follow-up, entitled Bambu, his continuing decline into substance abuse and personal problems ensured that the album remained unfinished at the time of Wilson's drowning death in December 1983Thus, this album, alongside his pioneering work with the Beach Boys, remains a focal point of Dennis Wilson's legacy, even being referred to as a "lost classic."The album has appeared on several "Best-of" lists including Robert Dimery's "1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die," Mojo's "Lost Albums You Must Own" and "70 of the Greatest Albums of the 70s" lists. In 2005, it was ranked #18 in GQ's "The 100 Coolest Albums in the World Right Now!" list.

Issued by Caribou/CBS Records on CD in 1991, Pacific Ocean Blue went out of print within a year due to ongoing disagreements over copyright ownership; the album was virtually unavailable for more than a decade. Copies of the extremely rare 1991 CD sold for over $200.

Legacy Recordings released a special 30th anniversary, 2-disc edition of Pacific Ocean Blue on June 17, 2008.[17] It includes material from the Bambu sessions.A limited edition 180-gram vinyl multi-LP box set was also released on the Sundazed label.

Despite missing the UK Album Chart on its original 1977 release, the expanded reissue of Pacific Ocean Blue entered the UK album chart at #16, also reaching #5 on the Norway album chart. In addition, the package managed to attain a high of #8 on Billboard's Top Pop Catalog Albums chart
Disc One
01 River Song - 3:44
02 What's Wrong - 2:23
03 Moonshine - 2:27
04 Friday Night - 3:10
05 Dreamer - 4:23
06 Thoughts of You - 3:04
07 Time - 3:32
08 You and I - 3:25
09 Pacific Ocean Blues - 2:37
10 Farewell My Friend - 2:26
11 Rainbows - 2:48
12 End of The Show - 2:57
13 Tug Of Love - 3:44
14 Only With You - 3:57
15 Holy Man [instrumental] - 4:24
16 Mexico

Disc Two: Bambu (The Caribou Sessions)
01 Under The Moonlight - 3:55
02 It's Not Too Late - 4:22
03 School Girl - 2:31
04 Love Remember Me - 4:04
05 Love Surrounds Me - 3:40
06 Wild Situation - 2:41
07 Common - 3:34
08 Are You Real - 3:38
09 He's A Bum - 2:50
10 Cocktails - 3:00
11 I Love You - 2:02
12 Constant Companion - 3:22
13 Time For Bed - 3:07
14 Album Tag Song
15 All Alone - 3:44
16 Piano Variation on Thoughts Of You - 3:03
17 Holy Man (Taylor Hawkins Version) - 4:25
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