Chad & Jeremy - The Ark (1968)

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While The Ark contained nothing quite as elaborate as "The Progress Suite" that had taken up one whole side of Of Cabbages and Kings, it was another psychedelic mishmash of styles -- Indian one minute, musichall the next -- of a kind so many popular performers had been indulging in at the time in hopes of making the next Sgt. Pepper. The difference was that most of Chad & Jeremy's peers had gotten it out of their systems the year before. But C&J were upper-class types who took naturally to the pretensions of the form -- they thought they were making Art. Their listeners thought differently: The Ark missed the charts, and Chad & Jeremy broke up
1. The Emancipation of Mr. X
2. Sunstroke
3. The Ark
4. The Raven
5. Imagination
6. Painted Dayglow Smile
7. Pipe Dream
8. Translantic Trauma 1966
9. Sidewalk Requiem, Los Angeles June 5th and 6th
10. Pantheistic Study for Guitar and Large Bird
11. Paxton Quigley's Had the Course
12. You Need Feet

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