Garybaldi - Nuda (1972)

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This second album (this includes Gleemen as a debut album since it is exactly the same group that changed its name – a bit like Flea became Etna) from this standard prog quartet has an absolutely astounding artwork cover concept (triple fold along with sexy commix story on the side gatefold) from future legend Guido Crepax.

The three tracks on side are rather somewhat 60’s-sounding and look heavily (but not solely) at The Jimi Hendrix Experience and the first track is rather too close for comfort to Hendrix’s fire track, but the keyboard saves it from disaster, a strange song referring to James Brown Similarly that second tracks lays heavily in its introduction to And The Gods Made Love and veering towards the psychedelic Mermaid I Shall Be track both from Electric Ladyland (the artwork is solidly with the spirit of the original artwork that got banned) and one can fear that we are into a copycat group by now. With the February 26, 1700 track, we now enter the world of Garybaldi and a definitely more Italian feel to it even if the previously afore- mentioned influences (The Wind Cries Mary) are still present, this is really one of their artistic peak, with all the drama a proghead could wish for and superb piano/organ duo to go along.

The sidelong suite of the second side is clearly the highlight of the album, with lengthy instrumental guitar passages but perfectly supported by Traverso’s bass, and the regularly changes in keyboards from Marchi. Here again the Hendrix influences are present but very much more discreet and the group approaches perfection mixing classical prog and fuzzy and Wah-Wah guitars. If one the first vinyl side, the vocals (sung in Italian) had Hendrixy tinges, with this track, they take on a much more Italian delivery and again this is what they do best.

This album is a weird mix of Hendrix homage and some rather unusual Italian prog, but really Garybaldi is only really successful when they stick to their more personal compositions (rather than copying well but clumsily TJHE) and when they do this, they are among the best. by Sean Trane
1. Maya Desnuda (6:08)
2. Decomposizione, Preludio E Pace (1:55)
3. 26 Febbraio 1700 (7:20)
4. L'Ultima Graziosa (5:22)
5. Moretto Da Brescia:
- a. Goffredo (6:15)
- b. Il Giardino Del Re (9:16)
- c. Dolce Come Sei Tu (5:19)

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