Music Machine - (Turn on) The Music Machine (1966)

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This group fronted by Sean Bonniwell was one of the most gritty and serious of the exploding "60's garage punk" scene. No lame covers like other groups at the time were doing:
The Standells, The Leaves, etc. Here the group dressed in matching black clothes and wore ONE leather black glove each. Baby Michael Jackson knew nothing of them. They took their debut single "Talk Talk" as far as they could. A quick blast of self-mocking and anger. Many years later revived by huge fan ALICE COOPER on his "Flush The Fashion" lp. The group toured around and showed up on American Bandstand. Dick Clark of course was obsessed with their one glove look.

Their debut lp came out on the tiny Original Sounds label in 1966. It featured a rougher sound than say, LOVE. "Masculine Intuition" could possibily be their finest moment. Basic playing and great production should have made them big.
The group broke up and Sean found new members for the second and last lp. By that time Sean was the self-proclaimed star of the band, alone on the cover riding a homemade contraption. No band photo on the reverse. After that doomed sophomore jinx, Sean became a Born-Again Xian
extrordinare. Recording a solo lp and starting a boring Christian rock group, HEAVEN SENT. After he heard ALICE COOPER's version of "Talk Talk", he redid it himself but this time age made him more tame
01 Talk Talk 1:59
02 Trouble 2:14
03 Cherry Cherry 3:12
04 Taxman 2:34
05 Some Other Drum 2:34
06 Masculine Intuition 2:09
07 The People in Me 3:00
08 See See Rider 2:31
09 Wrong 2:20
10 96 Tears 2:18
11 Come on in 2:55
12 Hey Joe

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