Pink Military - Do animals believe in God? (1980)

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Jayne Casey's post-Big in Japan endeavor, Pink Military, was quickly snapped up by Virgin after critical accolades showered their 1979 single "Blood and Lipstick." Nearly a year later, and sporting a new rhythm section, Pink Military released the wonderfully moody Do Animals Believe in God?. The LP would become both their debut effort and swan song. Alternative beats which border on darkwave inform much of this set, and Casey keeps the mood sweet and melancholy, but imbues the songs with an edge that barely conceals her sharper points. This works to wonderful effect on many of the songs, but most especially on "I Cry," which crossed U.K. post-punk ethics with a smidgen of Nico and a little Rocky Horror Picture Show thrown in for kicks. "Did You See Her?," the album's lone single, keeps the vocal range low but brightens the vibe with some lighthearted synth. Elsewhere, the band continues to shine on "Back on the London Stage," as well as on the dramatic title track -- sung, incidentally, by an unidentified bandmember. Pink Military only falters when they step into the more experimental waters of "Living in a Jungle" and "War Games." Sadly, this wonderful album fared poorly, leaving Casey to regroup and redefine the band's dimension, burying Pink Military and giving birth to the new era of Pink Industry in 1982
1 Degenerated Man
2 I Cry
3 Did You See Her
4 Wild West
5 Back on the London Stage
6 After Hiroshima
7 Living in the Jungle
8 Dreamtime
9 Wargames
10 Heaven/Hell
11 Do Animals Believe in God?

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