The Chocolate Watchband - One Step Beyond (1969)

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This album was a throw together as the band's lead singer David Aguliar left after "The Inner Mystique". The band's producer Ed Cobb had enough too, and so with guitarist Mark Loomis taking on the lead vocals this is what it produced. It's showing that the group is leaving the roots of the blues, and psychedelia behind, and going into more hard rock ala Steppenwolf. Songs like "Fireface", and "Devil's Motorcycle" are evident that the group is going for a harder sound, and other songs like "Flowers" show that psychedelia hasn't been ruled out, but it's also branching into a folk, and country rock sound, and then "I Don't Need No Doctor" shows that they want thier psychedelic sound more tougher. "Sitting There Standing" I thought was done like in thier early days, but here it is on album #3, and "Loose Lips Synch Ships" sounds like circa 1966, so what's the story here? Well this was about as unorganized as "The White Album" according to the critics. I feel that it was a pretty well effort put together, but unfortunatly this was the last we would hear from the group until 2000. BY DR Hayes
1. Uncle Morris
2. How Ya Been
3. Devil's Motorcycle
4. I Don't Need No Doctor
5. Flowers
6. Fireface
7. And She's Lonely
8. Don't Need Your Lovin'
9. Sitting There Standing
10. Blues Theme
11. Loose Lip Sync Ship

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