Os Mutantes - Mutantes (1969)

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Mutantes (ou Don Quixote) is the second album by the Brazilian tropicalia band Os Mutantes. The album was originally released in 1969 (see 1969 in music) and reissued in 1999 on Omplatten Records. It shows a more polished approach to their first album, maintaining the sense of humour while keeping the experimental aspects, such as fusing different genres, studio trickery as well as using found objects and samples from television and movies, alive.
1 Dom Quixote
2 Não Vá Se Perder por Aí
3 Dia 36
4 Dois Mil E Um
5 Algo Mais
6 Fuga No. II
7 Banho de Lua (Tintarella di Luna)
8 Rita Lee
9 Mágica
10 Qualquer Bobagem
11 Caminhante Noturno

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