Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks - Orange Crate Art (1995)

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Orange Crate Art is a 1995 album by Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks released on Warner Bros. Records, where Parks has been contracted since 1967.

Nearly 30 years after their legendary collaboration on the ill-fated Smile project, Wilson and Parks teamed up again for this Orange Crate Art, which in essence, is really a Van Dyke Parks album, full of his dense, complex songwriting and lush orchestrations, while featuring Brian Wilson on vocals. The album's title refers to the sun-drenched, idealized paintings that grace wooden fruit crates, and its theme is a nostalgic view of the history of California.

Given the history of its principals, the album came with high expectations, but upon release it received mixed critical reviews and had lackluster sales, failing even to chart. Nonetheless, Orange Crate Art still remains an interesting curio for most Wilson and Parks devotees.
1. Orange Crate Art
2. Sail Away
3. My Hobo Heart
4. Wings of a Dove
5. Palm Tree and Moon
6. Summer in Monterey
7. San Francisco
8. Hold Back Time
9. My Jeanine
10. Movies Is Magic
11. This Town Goes Down at Sunset
12. Lullaby

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