Afterglow - Afterglow (1968)

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Led by guitarist/vocalist Tony Tecumseh, Afterglow formed in August of 1965 when Tecumseh and drummer Larry Alexander teamed with a bassist to form a trio dubbed the Madallions.

Soon they added vocalist Gene Resler and the band played several shows, usually at a local pizza parlor, before they went their separate ways to attend college. They re-formed in 1966, adding new bassist Ron George and keyboardist Roger Swanson.

That fall, Afterglow began recording with producer Leo Lukla at his Golden State Recorders studio, but due to their studies, they were unable to complete an album until late 1967; the resulting eponymous record appeared early the following year on MTA Records. Afterglow was ignored at the time and the group broke up shortly afterward, but the record became a favorite of psychedelic collectors and was reissued by Sundazed Records in here.
01. Morning
02. Dream Away
03. Susie's Gone
04. Mend This Heart of Mine
05. Afternoon
06. Chasing Rainbows
07. By My Side
08. It's a Wonder
09. Love
10. Riding Home Again
11. Meadowland of Love

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