Ohio Players - Trespassin' (1968/1969)

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2003 compilation for one of the 70s most successful funk bands. 'Trespassin'' comprises recordings made between 1968 & 1969 when the group were making the transition from their early southern R&B sound into the realms of funk. Although recorded in New York. These sides have a raw, gritty sound more akin to those being made in Memphis at the time. Highlights include the hit title track & covers of 'Over The Rainbow' & 'Summertime'.
1. Stop Lying to Yourself
2. Over the Rainbow
3. You Don't Mean It
4. Summertime
5. Here Today and Gone Tomorrow
6. Lonely Street
7. Bad Bargain
8. It's a Crying Shame
9. Tell Me Why
10. Find Someone to Love
11. Trespassin'
12. Mother-In-Law
13. Cold, Cold World
14. Man That I Am
15. Street Party
16. Thing Called Love
17. My Neighbors
18. Lonely Streets at Midnight
19. I Gotta Get Away
20. I've Got to Hold On
21. Love Slips Through My Fingers
22. Little Soul Party

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