Astral Navigations - Astral Navigations (1971)

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Relatively obscure uk psychedelia/acid folk from 1971. Astral Navigations is really a recording of two different bands, Lightyears Away and Thundermother. Lightyears Away is folk/psych (more toward the folk end) and features Bill Nelson who was later to join with Be-Bop Deluxe. It is mostly pleasant singing (male, some female) over piano with some short, very fuzzed guitar breaks. The song had some nice diversity in style. For example, at one time the piano is replaced with acoustic guitar and flute. Not bad and worth a listen if you're into the folk end of psych/prog. Thundermother are more straight-ahead rock with heavy guitars.
1. Lightyears Away: Fourth Coming
2. Lightyears Away: Path of Stone
3. Lightyears Away: Windows of Limited Time - The Astral Navigator
4. Lightyears Away: Yesterday -
5. Lightyears Away: Today (North Country Cinderella)
6. Lightyears Away: Tomorrow (Buffalo)
7. Thundermother: Someday
8. Thundermother: Country Lines
9. Thundermother: Boogie Music/Rock Me [UFO Mix]
10. Rock Me Babe Jam
11. Come On Home (space version)

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