Flyte - Dawn Dancer (1979)

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The sound from this one shot band (rooted in the early Seventies and disbanded in 1981) is melodic and the compositions are alternating: the tracks "Woman", Aim at your head" and "Your breath enjoyer" contain lots of howling guitar and lush keyboards. More dreamy and rather compelling are "Heavy like a child", King of clouds" and the highlight "Brain damage" featuring beautiful duo-keyboard work and wonderful electric guitarplay. This album has echoes from Camel, it often sounds like guest appearances from Latimer and Barden!
Line-up Half Dutch half Belgium members. / Musicians
- Lu Rousseau / lead vocals, percussion
- Ruud Worthman / acoustic and electric guitars
- Jack van Liesdonck / acoustic and electric piano, clavinet, synthesizer
- Leo Cornelissens / electric organ, mellotron, string ensemble, vocals
- Hans Boeye / drums, percussion
- Hans Marynissen / percussion
- Peter Dekeersmaeker / bass, vocals
1. Woman (4:47)
2. Heavy Like A Child (5:28)
3. Grace (5:08)
4. You:Re Free I Guess (5:59)
5. Aim At The Head (4:29)
6. Your Breath Enjoyer (4:14)
7. King Of Clouds (4:43)
8. Brain Damage (4:50)

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