Takako Minekawa - Roomic Cube (1997)

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there was a point in time where so many japanese artists were making a heavy splash on the international electronic/indy scene. names like Pizzicato Five, Buffalo Daughter, Cornelius, Cibo Matto were all the rage. their blend of french pop, asian chic, and that "space age bachelor pad" motif were probably a big relief to those who needed a breather from the grunge-soaked musical landscape. and despite their disposable kitsch factor associated with most of these groups, they seemed to stick around long enough for most people to take them seriously. Takako Minekawa may not be quite as well known as those other groups i mentioned, but her music is a treat for those who can appreciate simple, charming music; made with a childlike sense of amusement and a wonderful appreciation for sound.

armed with an aray of keyboards and plenty of bells and whistles, Takako's songwriting skills are showcased on all the fun, dainty tracks on Roomic Cube. Buffalo Daughter are also on here, helping out with nice results. "Klaxon!" is a great great song with an irresistable pop hook that stands out from the moody album opener. "Fantastic Cat" also beams with a goofy, bouncy melody and simple , but effective lyrics. their are plenty of questionable songs here also...the fifth track "Wooooog" is just throwaway romp in sleazy funk that goes nowhere fast...and "Desert Song" finds Takako settling on a bunch of "la la la's" over a dreary non-descript background. thankfully, "Destron" lays down some spooky groundwork with a haunting melody line and a stark distorted drum.
1. Sleep Song
2. Fantastic Cat
3. Never/More
4. Klaxon!
5. Wooooog
6. Dessert Song
7. Destron
8. Pop Up Squirrels
9. 1.666666
10. Rainy Song
11. T.T.T.
12. Black... White
13. More Pop Up Squirrels

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