Eyes of Blue - Crossroads of Time (1968)

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The Eyes debut album 'Crossroads Of Time' was eventually released late 1968 It included two Graham Bond R&B songs (Bond also wrote the sleevenotes) 'Love Is The Law' and 'Crossroads Of Time' which was especially written for the band. It also included an interesting version of Love's '7 + 7 Is' while The Beatles' 'Yesterday' is given a treatment suggesting something of a jazz hymn. Ritchie Francis claimed the remaining songs of which 'Inspiration For A New Day' is noteworthy and 'Prodigal Son', which features some psychedelic guitar work from Ray 'Taff' Williams. 'Largo' is an arrangement of the Handel piece by Ritchie Francis and he claimed this was indicative of the way the group were going.
1.Crossroads of Time
2.Never Care
3.I'll Be Your Friend
4.7 + 7 Is
5.Prodigal Son
7.Love Is the Law
9.I Wonder Why
10.World of Emotion
11.Inspiration for a New Day

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