The Raveonettes - Lust Lust Lust (2008)

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This Danish band - the duo of Sune Rose Wagner (on guitar, instruments and vocals) and Sharin Foo (on bass and vocals) - were much hyped on their arrival in 2002 when they released an album built entirely around the key of B- flat minor.
Freed from their major label deal with Sony and now released on UK indie label Fierce Panda, The Raveonettes, bring the distinctly different sounds of their previous two albums together on this their third CD which makes a strong case for lower recording budgets.
"Lust Lust Lust" combines their electro-fuzz sound, close harmony and a more mature set of songs.
Despite the album being (self) recorded without live drums or bass, the feel is not minimal.
Sharin Foo, the lead singer, has been called one of the hottest women in rock and she sustains the interest in what is effectively a set of demos pretty well.
Making music as dark, fuzzed-up and shimmering as the Velvet Underground, Jesus and Mary Chain, Lush and Suicide, this shoddy set of demos is nonetheless their most exciting collection, with tunes such as "Blush" and "You Want the Candy".
There are a few more notes explored here but The Raveonettes' song structure is still a simple one (layers of guitar noise plus pounding drums and sweet vocals).
It works a treat on the nice "Hallucinations" and the rather predictable "Blush", which are both wonderful 60s pop songs cut through with chiming, discordant, ear-piercing feedback, while "The Beat Dies" is pure Twin Peaks camp.
Though things pall a bit towards the end, there's enough bad-dream melodrama to keep it going until then.
The line "I fell in love in heaven to be with you in hell" typifies the album's doomed-lovers theme in the droning, hypnotic song "Lust", and the eastern-influenced "Aly Walk with Me" is as queasy as it's pretty.
With its themes of death, sex and desire, this is the perfect alt-rock soundtrack for fatalist bikers.
Standout Tracks : "Aly Walk With Me" and "You Want The Candy". By Starchaser
1. Aly, Walk With Me
2. Hallucinations
3. Lust
4. Dead Sound
5. Black Satin
6. Blush
7. Expelled From Love
8. You Want The Candy
9. Blitzed
10. Sad Transmission
11. With My Eyes Closed
12. The Beat Dies

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