Nancy Sinatra - Country, my way (1967)

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"Country, My Way" (1967) is a unique concept album by '60s icon Nancy Sinatra. Lee Hazlewood, producer of twang-guitarist Duane Eddy, penned many of Nancy's songs, most have them containing a heavy country flavor. Country music gained in popularity in the 1960s. Many more country stars were crossing over to the pop charts and vice versa. "Jackson," the hit off this record had been a #1 country hit for Johnny Cash & June Carter in '66 (for which they won a Grammy). So, when Nancy & Lee recorded it (becoming their highest-charting duet), it was only fitting that an entire album of country be produced. In the liner notes, Nancy comments that she "loves country music" and "always have." The finished product is an eclectic mix of country/pop classics. Most of the songs are garnished in twang, so if you're not accustomed to this kind of country music (the original, old-style country) as opposed to today's country (which, for all intensive purposes could be called "pop"), it may take a few listens to digest the sound. Ironically, most of the songs are NOT written by Hazlewood, but rather are cover versions of popular country songs of the day. Highlights include the cute "It's Such A Pretty World Today" (recently featured in the movie "Desert Blue"), the rousing "Get While The Gettin's Good," "Jackson," and "When It's Over." A second Nancy & Lee duet featured here is a wonderful cover version of the popular Don Gibson song "Oh, Lonesome Me." "Lonely Again," a country ballad falls short as compared to the only Hazlewood-penned song on the album "By the Way (I Still Love You)," a teary-eyed heartbreaker (that Nancy performs BEAUTIFULLY) and also the cover of the Skeeter Davis hit "End of the World." "Help Stamp Out Loneliness," the last tune is a "yelp"-effort that puts a damper on an otherwise fascinating album. The bonus tracks included on the CD are not so much country, per se, but definitely country influenced. "Highway Song," is great but does not match the fantastic bluesy-country sound on the next song "Hello L.A., Bye Bye Birmingham," a killer track. This, in turn, is followed by "Are You Growing Tired of My Love," a song that could be answered with a "yes" had it been called "Are You Growing Tired of This Song?" However, way before dad Frank had sung his theme, "My Way," Nancy matched his conviction via the title of this album. Country Nancy's way is the only way to go. by J. Stearns
01. It's such a pretty world today
02. Get while the gettin's good
03. Walk through this world with me
04. Jackson
05. When it's over
06. Lay some happiness on me
07. Lonely again
08. By the way (I still love you)
09. Oh lonesome me
10. End of the world
11. Help stamp out loneliness
12. Highway song (reprise single)
13. Hello L.A., bye bye Birmingham (reprise single)
14. Are you growing tired of my love? (reprise single)

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