The End - Introspection (1969)

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Much is made of records and bands that missed the boat, due to bad timing, lack of support from their label or other mishaps. Introspection certainly falls into the "should have been" catagory. Produced by Bill Wyman of the Stones, in the rose-colored Satanic Majesties era, this wonderful album sat on the shelf and missed it's moment, in the rapidly shifting UK music scene. Shades Of Orange showed up on various collections, but here you have the whole magic kettle. Gentle pop-psychedelia that is well written, performed and produced, evoking early Traffic with that fairytale floating over the fields headspace. However this holds up very well over time, and what might have seems passe in 1969, sounds classic and gemlike in the light of a new century. These songs are windows to pop heaven, a very good trip indeed.
1. Dreamworld
2. Under the Rainbow
3. Shades of Orange
4. Cardboard Watch
5. Introspection (Pt. 1)
6. Don't Take Me
7. Loving, Sacred Loving
8. She Said Yeah
9. Jacob's Bladder
10. Introspection (Pt. 2)
11. Shades of Orange
12. Loving, Sacred Loving

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