Bridget St John - Ask me no questions (1969)

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Ask Me No Questions was originally released in 1969. "The music within was a treasure trove - friendly, poetic, organic, a little sparse maybe but played and sung for all the right reasons. John Peel served as producer and guide after hosting Bridget at the BBC studios. The album opened with the two songs chosen for her debut 7" and both were staples of her live repertoire. 'Curl Your Toes' was exactly what it said, sung in that sunny low register one always associates with Bridget. The album's title track was its piece de resistance - a magnificent sound picture of pastoral England and a fine companion piece to the Floyd's 'Grantchester Meadow' - an amazing number with harmony vocals and second guitar by John Martyn, with its middle section full of the sounds of the countryside before the guitars come back a second time. Sadly, "Ask Me No Questions" did not sell in huge quantities but it certainly gained her a small but dedicated following and laid the foundations for her albums that followed in the 1970s - and its naive and minimal production values, delicate playing and heartfelt singing make it an album I return to often especially when I want to evoke the atmosphere of the late '60s.' -Nigel Cross, liner-notes.
1. To B Without A Hitch
2. Autumn Lullaby
3. Curl Your Toes
4. Like Never Before
5. The Curious Crystals of Unusual Purity
6. Barefeet And Hot Pavements
7. I Like To Be With You In The Sun
8. Lizard-Long-Tongue Boy
9. Hello Again (Of Course)
10. Many Happy Returns
11. Broken Faith
12. Ask Me No Questions

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