You - Electric Day (1979)

Posted by Amelia Swhizzagers On 1:30 AM

Very nice album of Berlin School electronic music. Harald Grosskopf produced and contributed drum parts under Lhan Gopal pseudonym. Ulrich Weber's guitar and Harald Grosskopf's drums integrate wonderfully with various analog synthesizers and sequencers used here. Music is rooted in Berlin School, but still manages to be original and at times borders on experimental. Subsequent albums are all worthwhile as well.
01. Electric Day (5:51)
02. Magooba (6:30)
03. Son Of A True Star (5:03)
04. Sequential Spectrums Part 1 (2:01)
05. Sequential Spectrums Part 2 (0:45)
06. Slow Go (11:56)
07. Zero-Eighty-Four (8:36)

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