Canned Heat - Living the blues (1968)

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Living the Blues is a 1968 double album by Canned Heat. It was one of the first double albums to place well on album charts. It features Canned Heat's signature song, "Going Up the Country," which would later be used in the Woodstock film. John Mayall appears on piano on "Walking by Myself" and "Bear Wires." Dr. John appears on "Boogie Music". The 20-minute trippy suite "Parthenogenesis" is dwarfed by the album-length "Refried Boogie," recorded live.
A1 Pony Blues 3:47
A2 My Mistake 3:21
A3 Sandy's Blues 6:45
A4 Going Up the Country 2:51
A5 Walking by Myself 2:38
A6 Boogie Music 3:13
B1 One Kind Favor 4:44
B2 Parthenogenesis 19:54
i. Nebulosity
ii. Rollin' and Tumblin'
iii. Five Owls
iv. Bear Wires
v. Snooky Flowers
vi. Sunflower Power (RMS IS truth)
vii. Raga Kafi
viii. Icebag
ix. Childhood's End
C Refried Boogie - Part I 20:10
D Refried Boogie - Part II 20:50
Listen 1
Listen 2

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