Illusion - Out of the mist (1977)

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In 1975, the former members of the original Renaissance lineup converged informally, and kicked about the idea of forming another band. Unfortunately, before they could get the project off the ground, key member Keith Relf tragically died the following year. Despite this loss, drummer Jim McCarty grabbed the reigns and the band pushed onward. McCarty stepped out behind the drum kit for an acoustic guitar and shared vocal duties with Jane Relf (Keith's sister), and the band acquired two new members for support: John Knightsbridge on lead guitar and drummer Eddie McNeil. Having forfeited the Renaissance name some years earlier, the newly constituted band chose the name Illusion, which was the name of their second and final album when they were Renaissance
The album starts with a killer song "Isadora", a very catchy romantic song full of typical Baroque rhythmic piano. Actually, the omnipresent piano constantly flirts with Baroque, catchy & sophisticated airs, like during their early career. I cannot stop to like to be transported by Jane's pleasant & reassuring vocals on "Beautiful Country". The very bottom bass on "Solo Flight" remind you that it is Renaissance that is playing, despite the Yes-Drama like lead vocals.

On side 2, "Everywhere You Go" sounds more acoustic due to the miscellaneous high frequency percussions; it contains some good background orchestral arrangements reminding a bit Renaissance with Annie Haslam. "Face Of Yesterday" is a reprise from their Illusion album made in 1970: it has a richer sound and it is globally more fluid: needless to say I prefer it to the original version. The a bit unexpected last track, "Candles Are Burning", contains a good progressive part full of rhythmic piano and electric guitar solos: unlike the other tracks, it is not really romantic, except for its beautiful & majestic finale: what a great manner to end an album!
01 Isadora
02 Roads to Freedom
03 Beautiful Country
04 Solo Flight
05 Everywhere You Go
06 Face of Yesterday
07 Candles Are Burning

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