Electric Prunes - Underground (1967)

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The Electric Prunes' second album was just as uneven as their debut, and lacking the obvious hit material its predecessor had boasted in "I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)" and "Get Me to the World on Time." However, at least a more consistent tone and recognizable group identity asserted itself, as the band wrote half of the material. In addition, the periodic airy-fairy vaudevillian misfires that had dotted the first LP were thankfully abolished. Many of the tunes, whether from the band or their frequent outside contributors Annette Tucker and Nancie Mantz, had floridly inscrutable lyrics -- "The Great Banana Hoax," "Children of Rain," "Dr. Do-Good," "Antique Doll" -- of the kind that some hip critics like to scorn as dated and naive flower-power relics. At the best points of this album, though, the Prunes conjured a menacing psychedelic pop atmosphere that, in conjunction with their flair for unusual guitar reverb and sundry special effects, sounded fetchingly spooky and seductive. "Hideaway," with its killer bass riff, and the demented "Dr. Do-Good," a crazed children's hour theme gone amok, were standouts in this regard, while "Long Day's Flight" is one of their best psych-garage tracks. On a more straightforward level, "I Happen to Love You" is one of the best obscure Goffin-King covers you're likely to hear, and one of the bluesiest too
1. Great Banana Hoax, The
2. Children of Rain
3. Wind-up Toys
4. Antique Doll
5. It's Not Fair
6. I Happen to Love You
7. Dr. Do-Good
8. I
9. Hideaway
10. Big City
11. Capt. Glory
12. Long Day's Flight

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