Bruce Haack - Haackula (1978)

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Bruce haack's 'haackula' is the record you've dreamt of and the stuff of nightmares. Deemed to be too dark and too offensive for release when it was recorded in 1978, it has languished unheard in the vault ever since. Haack's anger with a society he sees as too straight and too claustrophobic is palpable as he hisses and cusses his way over astoundingly elastic electro backings. Already respected as one of the pioneers of twentieth century electronic music, haackula strikes out on this disc into dark, yet playful territory where few have gone before. Imagine a very, very bummed out kraftwerk scowling as they play childlike melodies and sing under their breath of fear and abandonment. One listen to haackula's "blow job" is sure to change the way you view electronic music forever.
1. Lie Back
2. Blow Job
3. Man Kind
4. Play Me Your Album
5. Invocation
6. Death Machine
7. Sun Sukd
8. Tit For Tat
9. Haackula
10. Party Machine

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