Toad - Tomorrow Blue (1972)

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"Toad" is a rather unusual Swiss hard-rock outfit, established in 1971 on the ashes of short-lived "Brainticket". The debut album (Toadfeatures founding members: Werner Froelich (bass), Cosimo Lampis (drums) and Vic Vergeant (ex-Hawkwind, but for a while only) on guitar, and a certain Jagger (but Benjamin) - as a session vocalist (who left straight after for better pastures, but dissapeared completely - to my knowledge at least). "Tomorrow Blue" (1972) is more mature album, which shows a serious move towards blues and progressive. It was produced by Martin Birch (the recording engineer of Deep Purple and its side projects, Sabbath etc) - which is enough to give you an idea of the music and its quality - very high. The same year the band issued the live recording of their gig in Basel, and in 1975 - "Dreams" (a drifter towards much weaker commercial mainstream). This particular album is exceptional.
1. Thoughts
2. Tomorrow Blue
3. Blind Chapman's Tales
4. Vampires
5. No Need
6. Change in Time
7. Three O' Clock in the Morning
8. Fly
9. I Saw Her Standing There
10. Green Ham

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