Cuby and the Blizzards - Appleknockers Flophouse (1969)

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Cuby is a Dutch band from the town of Grolloo. The band was originally formed by Harry Muskee and other players included:Eelco Gelling, Nico Schröder and Hans Kinds.
The cover shoot for the album caused a small riot. The band invited some farmers over to a pub and ate and drank with them. At some time a stripper was brought in and the farmers went crazy. The whole thing was filmed, but the farmers, learning later (when sobered up) that the whole thing was filmed for a tv special and a cover shoot resisted. The mayor of the town Zweelo had to step in and prevent the footage from ever being released...
1. Appleknockers Flophouse (2:31)
2.Unknown Boy (6:46)
3.Help Me (5:36)
4.Go Down Sunshine (7:03)
5.Disappointed Blues (3:22)
6.Midnight Mover (2:38)
7.Black Snake (4:20)

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