Gordon Waller - ...and Gordon (1972)

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Although Gordon Waller (the "Gordon" of Peter & Gordon) had made a few little-noticed solo singles in the late 1960s and early '70s after Peter & Gordon split up, And Gordon was his first -- and for a long time, only -- solo LP. Waller had the voice to be a success in the singer/songwriter era, possessing an affecting folk-rock style with tinges of country and Elvis Presley. What he didn't have, unfortunately, was the material, much of which is self-penned on this album. Waller's affection for country music would not have come as a surprise to those paying attention to some of the lesser-known cuts on Peter & Gordon's records, and by the early '70s, this had translated into the very laid-back country-rock (including some steel guitar) heard on much of this LP. The songs are amiable and, occasionally, somewhat wistful and introspective. But on the whole they're quite unmemorable and, in some cases, pretty undeveloped. Waller might have been better advised to do some more outside material, as his version of Loudon Wainwright III's "Be Careful There's a Baby in the House" is easily the strongest tune.
01. The saddest song
02. at the end of the day
03. Be careful there's a baby in the house
04. I won't be your ruin
05. Collection box
06. Rocky road to clear
07. When this whole thing began
08. Stranger with a black dove
09. Before you go to sleep

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