The Creation - How does it feel? (1968)

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The Creation were an English freakbeat band, formed in 1966. The most popular Creation song was "Painter Man", which made the Top 40 in the UK Singles Chart in late 1966, and reached #8 in the German chart in April 1967. It was later covered by Boney M in 1979, and reached the #10 position in the UK charts. Their song "Makin' Time" was used in the movie Rushmore. Guitarist Eddie Phillips described their sound as "Our music is red – with purple flashes."
Most of their singles were issued in the UK, but after "Making Time" and "Painter Man", they had no further hits. Four singles were issued in the United States — "Making Time" b/w "Try And Stop Me" and "Painter Man" b/w 'Biff Bang Pow" on US Planet, and "If I Stay Too Long" b/w "Nightmares" and "How Does It Feel To Feel" b/w "Life Is Just Beginning" on US Decca — without commercial success, although the band remained popular in Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.
This is a 1982 compilation album.
01. How Does It Feel To Feel
02. Life Is Just Beginning
03. Through My Eyes
04. Ostrich Man
05. I Am The Walker
06. Tom Tom
07. The Girls Are Naked
08. Painter Man
09. Try And Stop Me
10. Biff Bang Pow
11. Making Time
12. Cool Jerk
13. For All That I Am
14. Nightmares
15. Midway Down
16. Can I Join Your Band
17. Uncle Bert
18. Like A Rolling Stone
19. If I Stay Too Long
20. Hey Joe

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