Le Orme - Ad Gloriam (1969)

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Don't buy this expecting another "Uomo di Pezza" or "Felona e Sorona", especially since this album isn't particularly progressive. After all, Italy was about two or three years behind Great Britain as far as prog was concerned (but of course, once the prog scene started in Italy, be prepared for tons of great albums, especially by 1973). What you have here is an album more in the late '60s psychedelic pop vein. The trio of Aldo Tagliapietra, Michi dei Rossi, and Toni Pagliuca were augmented by two other guys here, making them a five piece band at that time. Here, the band also included some horns and strings on some of the pieces. Also they were recording for a small label called Car Jukebox, apparently a label a bit behind the times (which prompted them to move to Philips and move to prog rock), meaning for 1969, this album does sound a bit behind the times. Still, not a bad album, and if you fancy the idea of psychedelia Italian style, go for this. For prog rock fans, heed the warning: it's not a prog album, so obviously go for the albums they did in 1971-74. By Proghead
1. Introduzione (1:45)
2. Ad Gloriam (5:31)
3. Oggi VerrĂ  (2:32)
4. Milano 1968 (3:12)
5. I Miei Sogni (3:00)
6. Mita Mita (2:53)
7. Fumo (3:39)
8. Senti L'Estate Che Torna (2:47)
9. Fiori Di Giglio (3:07)
10. Non So Restare Solo (5:28)
11. Conclusione (1:42)

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