Various Artists - Achili Funk (1969 - 1979)

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15 Spanish Gipsy songs from 1969-1979, sandwiched between two recent songs.
At first, when the disc begins to play, you have the customary tourist vision of Gypsy music: dancers with their nose up, handclaps and heels beats, Flamenco guitars ... Then you realize there is something more: funky and groovy sounds from that time, completely mixed with the traditional ones. The effect is exhilarating, and it sounds really like nothing else.
The presentation is awesome: the disc is inserted in a gatefold sleeve, and goes with a 112 (!) page booklet, in Spanish, English and Japanese, which includes hundreds of 45s images, artists pictures, complete tracklists, a detailed history of the music ... And the design of the set is absolutely gorgeous, too. I have rarely seen such a beautiful and informative package. If you are looking for something unusual, look no further ... It might not be love at first listening, but it will grow on you. By chrismass61.
1. Los Fulanos (Feat. Peret) - Gato
2. Encarnita Polo - Paco, Paco, Paco
3. Chacho - Bum Bum
4. Smash - El Garrotín
5. Los Amaya - Que Mala Suerte La Mía
6. Dolores Vargas - Anana Hip
7. Peret - Si Fulano
8. Dolores Vargas - La Hawaiana
9. Peret - Chaví
10. Rabbit Rumba - Caramelos
11. Rumba Tres - Rumba Tru, La, La
12. Los Chorbos - Sones De Chicharro
13. Los Marismeños - Pares O Nones
14. Los Chunguitos - Baila Mi Ritmo
15. Trigal - Gol
16. Gato Pérez - Tiene Sabor
17. Mantecao Y Su Combo - Achili Funk

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