The New Hobbits - Back From Middle Earth (1969)

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'Back from Middle Earth', The Hobbit's third & most rare psychedelic recording, appeared in 1969 on Hobbit-supremo Jimmy Curtiss' Perception ... Full Descriptionlabel. 'Back From Middle Earth' is a solid '60s pop album which highlights the vocal talents of Curtiss & session-singer Gini Eastwood & is completely free of any reference to Curtiss' doo-wop past, as indeed are the three heavily psych-influenced 45s Curtiss produced (he also co-wrote two of the tracks) for Decca stable-mates The Bag in 1968.
1. You Could Have Made It Easy
2. Growin’ Old
3. I Could Hear The Grass Growin’
4. Comin’ Out
5. The Devil’s Gonna Get Me
6. Underground
7. Love Can Set You Free
8. Flora
9. Woman So Worried

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